About Us

About Us

DEVCOM TRENDS PLT, has been inherently a team of experienced consulting experts in the field of business and management who ensure organizations improve bottom line results.


Since 2006, we have been working with MNCs, Government Agencies, GLCs, PLCs, SMEs, NGOs and Education Institutions, working closely with employees, leaders and the senior management teams to enhance performance.


Led by its Principal Consultant, Sunita Devi alongside, its Business Director, Sudhev, Devcom Trends have assisted personnel in organizations work more productively, using the core aspects in Communication principles for improving results.

What We Do

What We Do

Sustainability Consulting (compliance, reporting, audit and realign processes)

  • Create awareness for correlating SDGs to Sustainability Reporting Requirements via various speaking and writing engagements
  • Assist PLCs in managing material aspects of their business to sustainable development plans.
  • Advise high level leaders in practical, cost effective solutions to adhere with reporting standards in compliance with Bursa Malaysia Guidelines.
  • Advocate industry-based trends and patterns in sustainability to create awareness of risks and impacts to operations.


Training & Coaching

  • Assess, Design and Deliver wide range of uniquely customized programmes based on the Organization’s needs.


Research (business, academic & consulting) Content Development

  • Analyze Gaps, Collaborate with International Agencies and Design various types of mid-range to high impact research for business, academia and corporate figures. In this process we assist organizations to Identify Thematic Content and Re-purpose them for business branding, research visibility and project management.

How We Do It

"To enhance efficiencies, communication is key. We are all different, in the way we perceive the world.………."

Anthony Robbins




  • The Material Domain: Constitutes the basis for regulating the flow of materials/ resources and that underlie existence.
  • The Economic Domain: Provides a guiding framework for creating and managing wealth.
  • The Domain of Life: Provides the basis for appropriate behaviour in the biosphere.
  • The Social Domain: Provides the basis for safeguarding social interactions.
  • The Ethical Domain: Identifies the necessary attitudinal orientation for conduct of business/ self.


DEVCOM TRENDS understands that individuals with different background and perceptions work in an organization.

DEVCOM TRENDS justifies the coexistence of expectations and change, by establishing understanding of the UVP (Unique Value Proposition) of Employees, Managers, Directors so they can perform better at work and exceed expectations of one another.

Our Consultants

Our Trainers

Sunita Devi

  • Consultant for Business Sustainability & Reporting
  • Corporate Communication Trainer
  • Business & Academic Research Content Developer
Our Trainers

Sudhev Sreetharan

  • Business Director
  • Consultant/Coach for Organizational Business Process Implementation
  • Corporate Communication Trainer
Our Trainers

Thean Kim Sim

  • Consultant for Business Sustainability & Reporting
  • Marketing & Corporate Communications Expert

Our Philosophy

Step 1

  • Understand company’s training needs.
  • Survey performance in reality.

Step 2

  • Measure gaps in performance and productivity via review of systems and work processes.
  • Identify relevant/ material gaps to be prioritized to for implementation and further assessment.

Step 3

  • Design a comprehensive plan with clear objectives and goals.
  • Employ action by framework for improvement.
  • Recommend programmes for overall Human Capital Development.

Step 4

  • Upon Management approval – deliver scheduled programmes within stipulated time frame.

Step 5

  • Illustrate ROI via assessments and review of feedback systems.
  • Present to Management the visible ROI from interventions such as Coaching, Training, Project Management and Content Development.