Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Sustainability Reporting and Communication

    1. Sustainability Reporting Requirements -an awareness of the Bursa Malaysia Reporting Guidelines
    2. Sustainable CSR for Corporates and NGOs
    3. Sustainability Report Writing Skills - produce a core and comprehensive report
    4. Sustainability and Board of Directors - effective board leadership for corporations.
    5. Low Carbon & Circular Economy – trends and analytics.
    6. Compliance Reporting for Sustainability- emerging compliance obligations of your business.
    7. Sustainability & Risk Management Opportunities - leverage on Risk Reviews & Recommendations
    8. Sustainable Smart City
    9. Social ROIs
    10. UN SDGs and the GRI Guidelines
Our Programmes

Business Sustainability and Internal Audit

    1. Forensics Investigation for Finance and Internal Audit Personnel - Detection and prevention of fraud incidents in Organizations.
    2. The Implementation of the Anti-bribery Framework - Based on the MACC Amendment Act 2018 (called the Anti Bribery Act).
    3. Procurement Fraud Prevention and Its Risk Management
Our Programmes

Hospitality Series

    1. Hospitality Communication Skills (Basic / Intermediate / Advance)
    2. Walk & Talk English to Enhance Communication Skills for Hotel Employees
    3. Communication in Travel Tourism
    4. Communication in Hotel Business
    5. Impressive Business Communication
      – “It’s not in what you say but how well you say it”
    6. Confident, Organized and Outstanding Leaders (COOL) in Sales
    7. Customer Experience Audit & On-The-Job-Coaching for Hotels & Resorts
Our Programmes

Corporate Training and Coaching Programmes

    1. Personal Development Programmes
      1. Business Writing
      2. Impressive & Professional Presentation Skills
      3. Competent Business Communication
      4. Write Like A Business Professional
      5. Active Listening Skills- Missing Link in Customer Relations
    2. Personnel Development Programmes
      1. Clerical Development
      2. Executive Development
      3. Managerial/Supervisory Development
    3. Business Development Programmes
      1. Niche Service Design
      2. CX for Revenue
      3. Sales Hike
      4. Sales & Marketing Revenue Generating Projects
      5. Improve Closing Confidence
      6. Developing Effective & Practical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)