Our Programmes

Sustainability Reporting and Communication

  1. Sustainability Reporting Requirements -an awareness of the Bursa Malaysia Reporting Guidelines
  2. Sustainable CSR for Corporates and NGOs
  3. Sustainability Report Writing Skills - produce a core and comprehensive report
  4. Sustainability and Board of Directors - effective board leadership for corporations.
  5. Low Carbon & Circular Economy – trends and analytics.
  6. Compliance Reporting for Sustainability- emerging compliance obligations of your business.
  7. Sustainability & Risk Management Opportunities - leverage on Risk Reviews & Recommendations
  8. Sustainable Smart City
  9. Social ROIs
  10. UN SDGs and the GRI Guidelines

Business Sustainability and Internal Audit

  1. Forensics Investigation for Finance and Internal Audit Personnel - Detection and prevention of fraud incidents in Organizations.
  2. The Implementation of the Anti-bribery Framework - Based on the MACC Amendment Act 2018 (called the Anti Bribery Act).
  3. Procurement Fraud Prevention and Its Risk Management

Hospitality Series

  1. Hospitality Communication Skills (Basic / Intermediate / Advance)
  2. Walk & Talk English to Enhance Communication Skills for Hotel Employees
  3. Communication in Travel Tourism
  4. Communication in Hotel Business
  5. Impressive Business Communication
    – “It’s not in what you say but how well you say it”
  6. Confident, Organized and Outstanding Leaders (COOL) in Sales
  7. Customer Experience Audit & On-The-Job-Coaching for Hotels & Resorts

Corporate Training and Coaching Programmes

  1. Personal Development Programmes
    1. Business Writing
    2. Impressive & Professional Presentation Skills
    3. Competent Business Communication
    4. Write Like A Business Professional
    5. Active Listening Skills- Missing Link in Customer Relations
  2. Personnel Development Programmes
    1. Clerical Development
    2. Executive Development
    3. Managerial/Supervisory Development
  3. Business Development Programmes
    1. Niche Service Design
    2. CX for Revenue
    3. Sales Hike
    4. Sales & Marketing Revenue Generating Projects
    5. Improve Closing Confidence
    6. Developing Effective & Practical Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)